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2020 iowa caucuses

Iowa Democratic Party says there was a 'coding issue' with the caucus app — which Nevada also intends to use

Iowa Democrats say the ongoing delay in caucus results is due to a "coding issue" with their app — and we may not have seen the last of it.

As Tuesday morning rolled around with absolutely no results reported from Monday's Iowa caucuses, the Iowa Democratic Party released a new statement once again citing "inconsistencies." An investigation into these inconsistencies, Democrats said, found the "underlying data collected via the app" that was used this year to report results was "sound."

However, the Iowa Democrats say this app was "reporting out only partial data," which was "due to a coding issue in the reporting system." This issue has since been fixed, the statement says.

Previous reports had indicated caucus officials experienced technical issues with the new app, which The Washington Post reports the Department of Homeland Security offered to test out; Iowa officials apparently turned that offer down. The New York Times also reports that "Cybersecurity experts worried that [the app] had not been vetted." The Iowa Democrats said Tuesday they "have every indication that our systems were secure and there was not a cyber security intrusion."

This same app that was the source of this headache, CNN reports, is "due to be used in the Nevada Democratic caucuses later this month." The Nevada caucuses are just weeks away, scheduled to be held on Feb. 22. As far as Iowa results, the Iowa Democrats said the "plan" is to release results "as soon as possible today."