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the chosen one

Fox & Friends guest compares Trump's presidency to Jesus walking the Earth

Five months after declaring himself "the chosen one," President Trump has finally rallied at least one supporter to back him up.

In an appearance on Fox & Friends on Thursday, guest Christopher Harris boldly asserted that the Trump years have been the best the world has seen since biblical times.

"Listen, I would argue that it's probably three of the greatest years since maybe Jesus walked the Earth with his ministry," Harris said.

The stunning declaration came relatively unprompted, and the Fox & Friends hosts merely smiled in response, though fellow host Brian Kilmeade had harsh words that same day for those who invoke religion when talking politics. Harris went on to emphasize the "prospering" state the country is in under Trump.

"I know things might seem like they suck right now if you're a Democrat, but really you should be grateful," Harris said. "It's some of the greatest times to be alive, some of the greatest times to be an American because your nation is peaceful and prosperous."

And if Harris thought Trump was Christlike on Thursday, he surely saw him walking on water by Friday. The Labor Department's latest jobs report was released after the interview, and the report boasted higher-than-expected numbers including 225,000 jobs added in January.

The report added to the president's already successful week, which included an impeachment acquittal and record-high job approval.

Not even the Prince of Peace can say he did all that.