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Entrance polls show Sanders winning nearly every demographic in Nevada

What do union households, non-union households, men, women, and just about every other demographic in Nevada have in common?

They're all caucusing for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), entrance polls for Saturday's Democratic caucuses in Nevada show. Not only did Sanders have a sizable lead when it came to early caucus results on Saturday, but these polls indicated his message has proved universal.

According to entrance polls taken Saturday for The Washington Post and other news outlets, former Vice President Joe Biden is leading the Democratic field in attracting black caucusgoers and those age 65 and older, by nine and eight percentage points, respectively. Sanders is meanwhile leading the field in voters age 17–29 by 56 percentage points, in Hispanic voters by 37 percentage points; and among independents by 36 percentage points.

Sanders is also winning voters age 30–44 and 45–64; white voters; somewhat liberal and very liberal voters; and both college graduates and those without a college degree — along with every other identifiable group. Those results, combined with the fact that Sanders had more than twice the votes of nearest competitor Biden with 10 percent of precincts reporting on Saturday, indicate Sanders may end up with a blowout win in the most diverse state that's had its say on the Democratic nomination so far.