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Late Night Tackles 2020 Democrats

Stephen Colbert teaches Elizabeth Warren about South Carolina cuisine, tells a dirty joke, gets jabbed by a fork

At Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) said that, despite popular misconceptions, she actually eats all the time. "I had heard the rumors that Sen. Warren consumes food, so I recently flew down to my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, to meet up with the Democratic candidate and teach her a little about South Carolina cuisine," Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday's Late Show. And he wasn't joking. Oysters, boiled peanuts, bourbon, hush puppies, ribs, and ... Michelob Ultra, "the club soda of beers."

This was more of a Food Network show than a policy discussion, though Colbert slipped in some politics between bites. "You've said that you're a fan of fast food," he said. "Are there any ways in which you are not like Donald Trump?" She laughed: "Um, yes, I read books, I care about people ..." Colbert also grilled Warren on billionaire trivia, kind of. Which billionaire looks like he cuts his own bangs with toenail clippers? Warren's answer was also correct. "Like the underbelly of a hairless cat?" "Oh gosh, that's so many," she said, momentarily stumped.

Colbert had Warren illustrate her wealth tax on the ribs, and she ended up playfully jabbing him with the fork — "That's universal child care, you jerk!" And when Colbert dropped an F-bomb while telling a joke, Warren showed that she had been paying attention. Watch below. Peter Weber