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Elizabeth Warren drops by for surprise SNL appearance

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) may not be in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination anymore, but she was back on television screens Saturday night with a surprise appearance during Saturday Night Live's cold open.

The real Warren was interviewed by Kate McKinnon's Laura Ingraham on Fox News after SNL mocked the network's coverage of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Warren said she didn't have any regrets about her presidential bid, especially because she got to give a billionaire a "swirlie on live TV," referring to when she zeroed in on former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg during the Democratic primary debates.

The senator also got a chance to let folks know what she's been up to since bowing out of the race last week, which includes prank calling big banks, drag-racing Subarus, and staying off Twitter. The cold open then ended with McKinnon, who portrayed Warren throughout the show's season, joining her on stage. Watch the full skit below. Tim O'Donnell