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CNN Democratic Debate

Biden commits to picking a woman to be his running mate

During Sunday's CNN debate, former Vice President Joe Biden said that should he become the Democratic presidential nominee, he will select a woman as his running mate.

"There are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow," he said. "I would pick a woman to be my vice president." A Biden Cabinet would "look like the country," he declared, and if given the opportunity to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, he will appoint a black woman. "It's long overdue," Biden said.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said his administration will also "look like America. Last I heard, over half of the people in America are women. That will be the representation in my Cabinet, in my administration." There must be equal pay for women, he continued, as well as "universal, affordable, high-quality child care."

When asked to respond to Biden's commitment to choose a woman to be his running mate, Sanders said he would "in all likelihood" also pick a woman to be his vice president. "For me, it's not just nominating a woman," he said. "It is making sure that we have a progressive woman, and there are progressive women out there, so my very strong tendency is to move in that direction."