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2020 Campaign

Bernie Sanders is focused on the 'f---ing global crisis'

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is still running for president, but he does not want to talk about his campaign right now.

Like many Americans, his primary focus is on the coronavirus pandemic, which he called the "unprecedented crisis of our lifetime," and things got testy when things veered off topic Wednesday.

While speaking with reporters, Sanders was asked if he had a timeframe in place for when he would make a decision about whether to drop out of the race after his competitor, former Vice President Joe Biden, reaped the rewards of another strong night of primary voting Tuesday, helping him secure his place as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders wasn't having it.

CNN's Manu Raju, who asked the question, then pointed out that Sanders was a presidential candidate, to which the senator replied he didn't have time to think about such things.

Raju reported that things calmed down shortly after that, as Sanders returned to answering coronavirus questions.