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Trump's re-opening committee is packed with his biggest donors

President Trump has asked some of his biggest fans to help him restart the U.S. economy.

Trump has spent the fast few days assembling a committee to help the U.S. recover from COVID-19 shutdowns, notably inviting every Republican senator to join him except Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Thursday. And as ABC News reports, Trump went on to add a few more friends to add to his massive committee, namely 25 people who've given major donations to Trump's campaigns or outside groups that support them.

The economic recovery committee will be divided into industry groups, such as a "Construction/Labor/Workforce" sector that includes major union leaders, ABC News reports. The heads of the AFL-CIO, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and Laborers’ International Union of North America will be in the group, as will Geoffrey Palmer, a California real estate developer that has contributed more than $10 million to Trump and his causes over the years and held Trump fundraisers at his home.

In the "hospitality" category is Sheldon Adelson, who gave $1 million to Trump's inaugural committee and $15 million more to Trump-aligned PACs. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus joins the "retail" category after donating $7 million to super PACs backing Trump, and WWE CEO Vince McMahon, the husband of major Trump donor Linda McMahon, is listed under "sports."

In all, ABC News counted 25 major Trump donors among the 220 people appointed to the committee, though some Trump critics, including Democratic lawmakers and tech CEOs, were invited to join as well. Read more at ABC News.