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Uber drivers will soon have to take a selfie to verify they're wearing a mask

Uber is making it a requirement for drivers to wear masks, and they'll need to provide proof that they're complying via a selfie.

The company announced on Wednesday that beginning next week, drivers will be required to take a photo of themselves to confirm that they're wearing a mask or face covering, with those who aren't not being allowed online.

"After we verify the driver is covering their face, we'll let the rider know via an in-app message," Uber said.

Riders will be required to wear masks as well, and drivers can cancel trips with riders without penalty if they don't have one on. Riders can also cancel trips if a driver isn't wearing a mask and report the issue to Uber, the company said; anyone who breaks the policy repeatedly will "risk losing access to Uber." Uber previously used Real-Time ID Check technology to verify drivers' identifies using selfies and recently teased this could come in handy to enforce a mask policy.

"It is one thing for us to issue guidelines and requirements, but sometimes we have to enforcement those requirements," Sachin Kansal, Uber senior director of product management, said, CNBC reports.

Uber is also reducing the suggested UberX maximum from 4 passengers to 3, and riders will have to sit in the back seat and open windows for ventilation. Lyft also recently announced that it will require drivers and riders to wear masks or face coverings.

This new policy, Uber says, will remain in place in the United States, Canada, India, and most of Europe and Latin America at least until the end of June. It goes into effect on May 18.