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Democrats raise more money Sunday than during every 2020 primary debate or election

ActBlue, the organization that processes money raised for Democratic candidates and causes, showed the party drew in $19 million in donations on Sunday alone and $40 million between Friday and Sunday, The New York Times reports.

Sunday's total registers as the single largest day of giving all year, topping every presidential primary debate and election night (the previous high was $18.3 million, when former Vice President Joe Biden won South Carolina's primary.) The sum was also double the amount given the final day of April.

Nationwide protests against police brutality are the reason behind the surge in fundraising. The demonstrations also led to major donations to several charities throughout the country in a matter of days, including $20 million to The Minnesota Freedom Fund, a foundation that pays bail for those who can't afford it.

ActBlue doesn't disclose how donations are divided between candidates and causes, but a spokesperson for the site told the Times that half of the donations linked to the protests went to charitable causes. Read more at The New York Times.