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Potential Biden voters are becoming more committed to their choice, poll shows

As President Trump and his likely challenger and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, gear up to accept their party nominations in the next two weeks, polling has remained steady in favor of Biden.

CBS News' Battleground Tracker, as of Sunday, shows 52 percent of Americans backing Biden compared to 42 who support Trump. That would give him 279 electoral college votes, slightly more than the 270 required to win, thanks to states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin flipping blue again after Trump won them in 2016. Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, and Iowa, all appear to be in play for both candidates.

What seems to be key for Biden, though, is a consistently increasing number of voters who say they're "very strong in their support" of the former vice president, despite less-than-universal enthusiasm for the candidate. At the end of June, Trump led Biden 78 percent to 72 percent in the category, indicating more people were on the fence about the latter, but the two are now even at 82 percent.

The CBS News survey was conducted in partnership with YouGov between Aug. 12-14 when 2,210 U.S. registered voters were interviewed. The margin of error is 2.4 percentage points. Read the full results here.