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the Lincoln project

The Lincoln Project spins an ad out of NBA coach Doc Rivers' lament on fear, love, race, and the RNC

The NBA went on strike for a couple of days last week in response to the police shooting of yet another unarmed Black American, Jacob Blake. Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers put the shooting into a broader political context on Tuesday, and The Lincoln Project turned his comments into a political ad released Sunday. But they didn't do much, just adding some background music and images from the Republican National Convention and America in 2020 and letting Rivers do all the talking.

"It's just so sad, just watching the Republican convention, and they're spewing this fear," Rivers said. "Donald Trump and all of them, talking about fear. We're the ones getting killed, we're the ones getting shot. All you do is keep hearing about fear. It's amazing to me why we keep loving this country and this country does not love us back."

"You don't need to be black to be outraged," Rivers said, and The Lincoln Project highlighted. "You need to be American and outraged."