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Trump says he'll be on Fox & Friends every week — but host Steve Doocy doesn't agree to have him

President Trump is apparently under the impression he has a standing weekly date with the hosts of Fox & Friends — but they might not be on board.

Trump on Tuesday appeared on Fox & Friends for another lengthy phone interview, and at the top of the conversation, he informed viewers that this would be a weekly occurrence going forward.

"We've agreed to do it once a week in the morning, and I look forward to it," Trump said.

But it's unclear who the "we" in that sentence was considering host Steve Doocy expressed surprise at this news, responding, "I haven't heard that." Later, after a conversation that lasted nearly 50 minutes, Trump reiterated that viewers should tune in next Monday for more. But this time, Doocy made clear that this arrangement has not been agreed upon by Fox News at all.

"You may want to do it every week, but Fox is not committed to that," Doocy told Trump. "We're going to take it on a case by case basis."

Doocy's co-host Brian Kilmeade looked completely bewildered as he made this declaration on the air, possibly as he processed the fact that the network might soon have to start ghosting the president of the United States. Brendan Morrow