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Jared Kushner is reportedly not a 'restraining' voice advising Trump to concede

Jared Kushner is not suggesting to President Trump that he should concede the presidential election, Axios' Jonathan Swan reported Sunday morning.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins had previously reported that two sources told her Kushner had approached his father-in-law about the possibility, though it was unclear whether Kushner was actually in favor of the move or if he was just trying to gauge Trump's preference. Swan's latest report doesn't contradict that such a conversation took place, but it does indicate Kushner is in favor of pursuing "legal remedies" to the election, which Trump has claimed, without evidence, was stolen from him by the Democrats through widespread voter fraud.

As Swan put it, Trump doesn't need anyone to convince him to keep fighting the results, but he clarified Kushner does not appear to be in the opposition camp, if there even is one. Read more at Axios. Tim O'Donnell