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trump v. fox

Trump suggests he'd rather watch NFL players protest during the national anthem than Fox News' daytime slate

President Trump has apparently reached a point in his relationship with Fox News where he'd rather watch NFL players kneel in protest during the national anthem than his formerly favorite channel.

The president has been going through an increasingly acrimonious breakup with the network, which apparently began in earnest when it projected he had lost Arizona on election night last month. Since then, Trump has frequently criticized Fox's news coverage — though he's continued to praise specific hosts — and has championed outlets like One America News Network and Newsmax, whose coverage of his presidency is more flattering, in its stead.

On Sunday, though, Trump tweeted that he'd not only rather watch OANN or Newsmax, but also a "boring" football game, "kneeling and all," than Fox's daytime news slate. The president has been very vocal over the years about his distaste for silent protests during the playing of "The Star Bangled Banner" before NFL games and has even said he would stop watching the sport because of them. So if his opinion of Fox wasn't clear before, his latest tweet should do the trick. Tim O'Donnell