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Stephen Colbert asks his Late Show Melania Trump about her Christmas decor, COVID parties

"It's Christmas season at the White House, where this weekend they continued to throw packed holiday parties with unmasked guests," Stephen Colbert said on Monday's Late Show. "Of course, the White House already kicked off the holidays by unveiling first lady Melania Trump's Christmas decorations. And following years of somewhat controversial choices, this year she went with something truly unexpected: Christmas decorations. And the first lady also released her usual holiday video where she wanders around the White House looking at decorations all by herself. It's like a scene from a Home Alone movie, but with fewer appearances by the president."

We found out earlier this fall that Melania Trump doesn't give a damn about Christmas stuff, "so has the first lady finally found the spirit of the season?" Colbert asked. "Here to tell us, live via satellite from Washington, please welcome Melania Trump." The Late Show's Melania, Laura Benanti, explains the recorded Christmas profanities, the White House decor shift, and what the first lady wants from her last weeks in the White House. Watch below. Peter Weber