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Pfizer will sell U.S. 100 million more vaccine doses

Pfizer and BioNTech will sell the U.S. an additional 100 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine, the drugmakers said Wednesday.

At least 70 million doses will be delivered by June 30, and the rest will come by July 31, according to the terms of the $2 billion deal. The U.S. can also opt to buy another 400 million doses, The Associated Press reports.

Pfizer's vaccine is 95 percent effective in preventing transmission of coronavirus. It was the first to gain FDA approval, and is being distributed across the U.S. The Trump administration purchased 100 million vaccine doses from Pfizer over the summer, as well as 100 million from Moderna, and millions more from developers still testing their vaccines. Reports indicated Pfizer had later offered the U.S. an additional 100 million doses, but the Trump administration turned them down, meaning the U.S. wouldn't get more Pfizer doses until the summer.