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Late Night tackles Trump's final act

Late night hosts get in their final Trump border wall jokes after his visit to Alamo

"Today, President Trump visited a town in Texas to mark the completion of the more than 400 miles of border wall," Jimmy Fallon said on Tuesday's Tonight Show. "When they heard Trump was coming to the border, Mexico was like, 'Whew, thank God that wall is here.' Yeah, what a time to celebrate the effectiveness of a wall," six days after a pro-Trump mob broke into the U.S. Capitol, he added. "You know your presidency is off the rails when you have to distract from your attempted coup with your giant symbol of racism."

The wall covers only 20 percent of the border, Fallon noted, so "in the end, Trump didn't finish building the wall and Mexico never paid for it, but other than that, pretty good." Trump signed the wall, "so that's two crimes he's committed in the past week: incitement of a riot and graffiti," he added. "Right now, writing on his border wall is the only place where Trump's allowed to post."

The Late Show had an old-school solution for Trump and other conservatives kicked off Twitter and other social media.

"Big T flew to Alamo, Texas, today to brag about his wall, and to remind the American people that he's not just a dangerous megalomanic, he's also a racist," Jimmy Kimmel said at Kimmel Live. "Should Trump even be allowed near the border? Isn't he a flight risk at this point? The scattered crowd in Alamo was treated to a Davy Crock-of-you-know-what from our nearly departed leader," he added, running through Trump's "bananas speech." The wall is only part Trump's "last tour of all his greatest failures this week," Kimmel joked. "Tomorrow he's spending the day with Eric."

Trump's visit to the border wall was "a nice reminder of how much the president hates people storming barriers and entering places they aren't legally allowed," James Corden deadpanned at The Late Late Show. "Do you remember three years ago, when we thought the most insane thing we'd have to worry about with Trump was that wall?"

Yes Trump visited the border wall at Alamo, Texas, Late Night's Seth Meyers joked. "Meanwhile, a confused Rudy Giuliani waited patiently, 300 miles away, at Al's Ammo." And in "the latest Quinnipiac poll, President Trump's approval rating's fallen to 33 percent," he added. "Apparently most of his supporters didn't want to use their one phone call to answer the poll." Peter Weber