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Biden's inaugural address expected to push unity, optimism

President-elect Joe Biden's inaugural address will outline how he plans to handle the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout while in office, and he will also urge Americans to move on from their current political divisions and unify, advisers and allies told Bloomberg. Although those sources anticipate Biden will acknowledge the difficulties of the moment, they expect the overall tone of the speech to be optimistic in contrast to President Trump's "American carnage" speech in 2017.

"People want to know someone is in charge, help is on the way, chaos is behind us now," said Matt Teper, who served as Biden's chief speech writer at the beginning of his tenure as former President Barack Obama's vice president. "There's a recognition that things aren't great right now, but there's definitely hope that they're going to get better."

Teper added that a darker outlook is neither "the tone anyone wants" to hear nor Biden's way of "looking at the world." Rather, Teper said, he operates more along the lines of "'we're going to fix things and we're going to move forward.'"

Still, Bloomberg notes, that message of unity and healing likely won't be accepted blindly across the political spectrum, especially since House Democrats impeached Trump just a week before. Read more at Bloomberg.