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NFL offers all stadiums as mass COVID-19 vaccination sites

The NFL has offered all of its teams' stadiums to be used for mass COVID-19 vaccinations.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a letter to President Biden obtained by The Washington Post and NPR on Friday wrote that "each NFL team will make its stadium available for mass vaccinations of the general public in coordination with local, state, and federal health officials," noting that "this is currently being done at seven NFL stadiums today."

The step to offer these 30 stadiums came, NPR noted, after a number of sports teams' stadiums have previously been made available for COVID-19 vaccinations, including the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"We can expand our efforts to stadiums across the nation more effectively because many of our clubs have offered their facilities previously as COVID testing centers as well as election sites over the past several months," Goodell added.

The letter to Biden was written days ahead of Super Bowl LV, which will include an audience of 22,000 fans, including 7,500 vaccinated health care workers who received free tickets from the NFL. The White House, CNN reports, is looking to "use this Sunday's event to combat vaccine hesitancy" and has "been in touch with the NFL and other brands involved in the Super Bowl on ways to integrate pro-mask and pro-vaccine messaging."