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Late Night Tackles Trump and impeachment

The Daily Show and The Late Show have the same joke about hear-no-evil GOP Senate impeachment jurors

Republican senators serving as jurors in former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial have been effusive in their praise of the Democratic House impeachment managers and their case that Trump incited an instruction at their shared workplace last month. But almost nobody expects 17 of them to join Democrats in voting to convict Trump. On Thursday night, The Daily Show and The Late Show offered these GOP senators oddly similar exit ramps, neither of which requires tortured constitutional arguments.

"Are you a Republican senator feeling overwhelmed by overwhelming evidence?" The Daily Show asked. "Introducing ImpeachPods."

The Late Show went with "Conscience Canceling Headphones, the only headphones that cancel both ambient noise and your own sense of what's right." But Stephen Colbert's team also offered a budget version. Peter Weber