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The Daily Show mocks Trump as the new 'acquittal GOAT' after what SNL calls 'the dumbest trial' imaginable

"Impeachment, it's the most presidential thing Donald Trump has ever done — and after a full week of arguments in Trump's second Senate trial," 57 senators found him guilty, Trevor Noah said on Monday's Daily Show. "The bad news for Donald Trump is that seven members of his own party said that he was guilty, which is unprecedented. The good news for him is it wasn't enough. So Trump is free to go, baby — 2024, here we come!"

Lots of people are disappointed, but "this is what Trump does, he wiggles his way out of accountability," Noah said. "Trying to hold Trump responsible for his crimes is like trying to kill a fruit fly." Getting to acquittal was a little tricky for Republicans, though, since unlike the GOP base, "most Americans don't like Trump and think he should have been convicted," Noah said. "So to make everybody happy, senators came up with a really amazing and bulls--t excuse that even if Trump was guilty, they couldn't do anything about it because he's already out of office." Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), he noted, basically said "Trump caused the riot, Trump is super guilty, and Mitch just hopes that someday, someone else will do something about it."

Trump's friends and family celebrated his second acquittal. Yeah, "Obama never even won a single impeachment," Noah joked. "I mean, say what you want, but Trump is the acquittal GOAT. Sorry, O.J., you had a good run but Trump got acquitted twice and he's responsible for more deaths!"

Yes, "like so many other men living in Florida, Donald Trump has once again escaped from justice." Colin Jost said on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update." "This has got to be the dumbest trial I have ever seen. Here's how dumb it was: The jurors who were deciding the case were the ones attacked by the defendant, the trial took place at the scene of the crime, and then right after the trial ended, one of the jurors who voted to acquit Trump ran out and said: Someone's gotta prosecute this guy, he did it! This man belongs in jail!"

SNL opened Saturday's show with Beck Bennett's McConnell telling Alex Moffat's Tucker Carlson basically what the real McConnell had said after voting to acquit Trump a few hours earlier. The Daily Show also featured Carlson, letting him answer his own Jeopardy! questions. Peter Weber