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Game of Thrones is heading to Broadway

Even more Game of Thrones is coming — and no, it's not The Winds of Winter.

A stage show based on Game of Thrones is in the works, with plans for productions in New York City, London, and Australia, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show is set to take place 16 years before the events of the series at Westeros' Great Tourney at Harrenhal, a competition that numerous established characters including Ned Stark and Jaime Lannister attended.

Author George R.R. Martin is developing the story, with playwright Duncan MacMillan and director Dominic Cooke also on board. The show's official description promises to take "audiences deeper behind the scenes of a landmark event that previously was shrouded in mystery," featuring "many of the most iconic and well-known characters from the series."

This is just the latest expansion of the Game of Thrones franchise in addition to multiple prequels in the works at HBO, and Martin recently signed a five-year overall deal for more projects with the network. The franchise will be following a similar path as Harry Potter, which also headed to Broadway with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The Thrones stage show is reportedly launching in 2023. Meanwhile, the final two books in the series have still yet to be published, leaving open the possibility we'll see an avalanche of tie-in movies, shows, musicals, and theme park rides before the actual original original source material is even completed.