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Amtrak map shows potential new routes after Biden unveils infrastructure plan

As President Biden unveils a major new infrastructure plan, Amtrak is offering a look at the service expansion it could fund.

Biden on Wednesday announced his $2 trillion American Jobs Plan proposal, which seeks to rebuild America's infrastructure and would include $80 billion for Amtrak. Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn hailed the plan as "what this nation has been waiting for," adding the company seeks to "rebuild and improve" its network and "expand our service to more of America."

To offer a sense of what this might look like, Amtrak released a map showing what it could be able to accomplish with the $80 billion in funding in the plan, Business Insider reports. It's looking to potentially add over 30 new routes, and the map shows potential enhanced services, as well. Amtrak said it hopes to "expand or improve rail service for 20 million more riders" and extend rail service "to up to 160 new communities across the nation." Check out the map below. Brendan Morrow