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NYC Mayoral Race

Andrew Yang's NYC mayoral campaign fears Stephen Miller's praise is scaring off 'normy Dems'

Stephen Miller, former President Donald Trump's far-right immigration czar, has tweeted 10 messages in favor of New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang over the past week, and "Yang's campaign is not happy about it," Politico's Playbook reports Tuesday. Yang's campaign has been inundated with questions about why the man behind Trump's Muslim ban and child-separation policy is talking up their Democratic candidate, and the campaign would like to know the answer to that, too.

"It's hurting us" and "making people question why people like Andrew Yang," one Yang campaign aide told Politico. "Stephen Miller doesn't endorse normal Democrats," he is likely scaring off "normy Dems," and he "must know" he's hurting Yang's candidacy.

Yang led in the Democratic primary polls until he was recently overtaken by Eric Adams, and "there are suspicions in New York political circles that Miller is sabotaging Yang to help Adams, who is considered to be the more conservative of the two," Politico reports. Miller told Politico he "would never play that game," adding, "As much as I disagree on issues with Yang, I've admired that he's taken on positions antithetical to the progressive left in a very progressive primary."

Miller said his kind tweets about Yang may even help the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate in his mayoral race. "He hasn't made any real significant attempt to distance himself from Republican praise," Miller argued, "which suggests to me that he, as an individual, understands that there are a lot of independent voters in the primary." Yang said he "certainly would never ask for or want" the support of Republican officials.