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Stephen Colbert boos supply chain shortages of wine and ice cream, while Trevor Noah celebrates 'strike-tober'

"With our country more divided than ever, I think it's important to remember the one thing that unites us all, the credo that we live by: Gimme more stuff," Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday's Late Show. "But now that gimme-gimme lifestyle is threatened, because America is facing an unprecedented supply chain crisis." Briefly, he explained, "because of COVID lockdowns and labor shortages and a lack of shipping containers, everything you want is either not made yet, stuck on a boat, or waiting for a trucker who can't drive because the Gatorade bottle he needs to pee in is stuck on a boat or hasn't been made yet." 

Colbert ran through some of the things the supply chain breakdown might deprive you of: frozen meals, carbonated beverages, certain types of candy, and Ben & Jerry's, for example. "I scream, you scream, we all scream: where is the f---ing  ice cream? This is not a joke!" he joked. And it got worse: "No! No! Frozen foods? Fine. Candy? Who needs it? But a wine shortage?!? Me and my book club are buying zip ties and storming the Capitol!" 

"One reason there's no place to put the wine we do have is because of a glass bottle crunch," Colbert said. "Incidentally, Glass Bottle Crunch is also one of Ben & Jerry's least-popular flavors."

In The Late Show's cold open, Franzia mocked the snootier winemakers and celebrated their bottle shortage.

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah tackled the labor shortage side of the issue — specifically, "strike-tober" and some of the reasons workers are using their newfound leverage or walking off the job. "Honestly, some of these CEOs get so greedy that they become short-sighted," he said, "because if they thought about it they would realize they could probably get away with exploiting their workers for longer if they just exploited them a little less." He also reworked a Kellogg's commercial to reflect its labor issues.