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Last Night on Late Night

The Daily Show cleverly shows how Fox News would react to an FBI raid on a Democratic leader

Fox News pundits and guests were notably upset with Monday's FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club, apparently searching for classified documents he allegedly took from the White House in potential violation of several laws. Tuesday's Daily Show dryly noted this wasn't always the editorial stance of the network by showing footage of the Mar-a-Lago raid over Fox News commentary about Hillary Clinton's own records run-in with the FBI.

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah also showed the actual reaction at Fox News. Nobody should be above the law in the U.S., but this is legitimately a "really tricky situation, and the only thing we can do is wait and see how the investigation unfolds," he suggested. "Or if you're Fox News, you can just freak out right now."

"This raid, just so you know, has nothing to do with Jan. 6 or tax fraud or giving the White House plumber PTSD," Noah marveled. "Honestly, I'm amazed that Trump has time for all of this crime. Like, at any moment Trump's got a crime that he's covering up, he's got a crime that he's doing now, he's got a crime that he's plotting for the future. He's like the Steve Harvey, but of crimes." 

"And wouldn't it be weird if this is the thing that takes Trump down?" Noah laughed. "We thought it'd be something like conspiracy or bribery or blackmail, but no, Trump got busted for taking work home with him? What a nerd!"

"That's right, he's going to get taken down by the librarians!" Stephen Colbert joked at The Late Show. But seriously, just think about this, he said. "We're talking about the former president of the United States of America; the FBI raids his home, and all we can think is: Hmm, I wonder which of his crimes they're investigating."