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Budweiser will send its unsold beer to the World Cup winner

Budweiser has decided to send all of its unsold beer to the winner of the World Cup after Qatar banned beer sales in the stadiums.

The beer ban came despite Budweiser's $75 million sponsorship with FIFA. In the stadiums, only alcohol-free Bud Zero is allowed to be sold. "We will host the ultimate championship celebration for the winning country. Because, for the winning fans, they've taken the world," Budweiser told CNN Business. The move has sparked some social media mockery as the beer is viewed as low quality in some places around the world, reports The Guardian.

Qatar is a conservative Muslim country with heavy alcohol restrictions. The country was reportedly against promoting alcohol consumption within the country even within the confines of the World Cup because it is forbidden in Islam. Qatar's hosting of the tournament has also raised a number of concerns including human rights violations and anti-LGBTQ policies, leading some to even consider boycotting the event altogether.