This is the first character confirmed to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII
Notoriously secretive director J.J. Abrams took to Twitter to show off an old friend from the Star Wars franchise
The original crew.
The original crew. (Facebook/Star Wars)

It'll be a little more than two years before we get the chance to return to a galaxy far, far away, and we still know virtually nothing about Star Wars: Episode VII. Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher have all been widely rumored to reprise their roles from the original Star Wars trilogy — but not even their presences have been officially confirmed.

Fortunately, J.J. Abrams has taken mercy on fans by revealing presence of a major character in Star Wars: Episode VII. On Thursday, Abrams' studio Bad Robot tweeted a picture from the "workshop" that included a very familiar droid:

Yes, that's R2-D2 — the beloved pint-sized droid who's one of the few characters to appear in every Star Wars movie to date. (We're going to go ahead and assume this means C-3PO will be back too.)

J.J. Abrams obviously has an affinity for Artoo; he hid the character in both 2009's Star Trek and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, in a pair of cute cameos that represent one of the only big-screen crossovers between Star Wars and Star Trek to date. Maybe he can return balance to the franchises by sneaking a Tribble into Episode VII.

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