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Celebrity hairdresser brings the salon to elderly New Yorkers, free of charge

Hairdresser Roberto Novo believes his scissors have the power "to bring happiness," and he's been taking them to apartments across New York City to give elderly people free haircuts.

Novo has worked for celebrities, cutting the tresses of everyone from Britney Spears to Naomi Campbell, but after visiting a client who was so excited to see him after being in isolation during the pandemic, Novo decided to help people who aren't in the spotlight. He asked his client to spread the word to her elderly neighbors, letting them know he was available to come to their apartments and cut their hair.

He's a package deal, bringing along his French bulldogs Machitwo and Tulula. Novo told The Associated Press he offers a "free haircut and puppy love," and this combination has been a hit. New client Madelon Spier told AP that Novo is "miraculous" and "has a way of looking at a person and knowing what's right for them." Her neighbor, Andrew Langerman, said he felt "deeply lonely" during the pandemic, and now that he's received his first haircut in months, "I feel a lot better, actually."

That's exactly what Novo wants to hear. "It doesn't get any better than that — bring some joy to senior citizens in these hard times," he said.