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Cuomo scandal

Andrew Cuomo's 'closest ally in politics' just called on him to resign

In yet another "high-profile defection," State Democratic Committee Chair and "arguably Andrew Cuomo's closest ally in politics" Jay Jacobs has called on the New York governor to resign, Politico writes. 

"I believe the women. I believe the allegations," said Jacobs on Wednesday. "I cannot speak to the governor's motivations. What I can say is the governor has lost his ability to govern, both practically and morally." He goes on, "And so, it is with sadness and a measure of regret that I must ask the governor to resign his office and allow the important work of the state — work that he did so much to advance — to continue."

Seen among many as Cuomo's "loudest supporter," Jacobs was widely viewed as "more closely allied" to the governor "than nearly any of the other high-profile names that have broken with him in the past two days," per Politico

Notably, Jacobs' statement comes following his own private and unsuccessful attempts at pushing Cuomo to resign, reports Spectrum News. He also believes the legislature will impeach and remove the governor themselves if necessary.

"I have a responsibility to the state party and I think it was important that I make a statement," Jacobs said after. "The sooner we resolve this, the better I think it will be." 

On Tuesday, state Attorney General Letitia James' office shared the results of an investigation that found Cuomo had sexually harassed multiple women, including current and former employees.