So-called "candidate lit" — in which seemingly every politician in America with at least one eye on higher office races to publish a credibility-boosting book — may seem like a recent trend. But it actually dates back to at least 1956, when then-Sen. John F. Kennedy penned Profiles in Courage.

But today's politician-authors have certainly upped the ante. Publication is more than just an opportunity to introduce yourself to a national audience by boasting about your experience and laying the planks of your policy platform. Book tours have become none-too-subtle proto-campaigns, where groomed politicians can hone their message, pick up free publicity, and gauge the public's general feelings toward them.

With the end of the midterms signaling the unofficial beginning of the 2016 campaign season, the bookshelf of candidate lit is already filling up. What can we discern from these books? We asked a linguist to analyze the titles of these rumored 2016 contenders' books for any insight into the candidates, the campaigns, and their potential. Read on to see what she found: