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Britney Spears' father is reportedly living in an RV in Louisiana despite a $16,000/month salary as her conservator

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears' father and conservator, is living in an "RV parked at a warehouse" in Louisiana, The New York Times reported Tuesday, despite an about $16,000/month salary in the court-appointed arrangement granting Jamie "broad control" over his daughter's life and finances.

For her part, Britney has pushed back on the conservatorship "earlier and more often than had previously been known," the Times report revealed. The pop star has stayed "largely silent" on the topic in public, while claiming privately that the arrangement "restricted everything from whom she dated to the color of her kitchen cabinets," confidential court records show.

In 2016, for example, the singer reportedly informed an investigator assigned to her case that she is "sick of being taken advantage of," working and earning her money while "everyone around her is on her payroll," per the Times. And in 2019, she claimed she'd been forced to perform with a 104-degree fever, a moment she called one of the scariest of her life.

Britney's once-estranged father was appointed conservator in 2008, as the pop star struggled publicly with her mental health and substance abuse. But more recently, a growing legion of fans have come to publicly question Jamie's role in the arrangement, one in which he profits off the star whose interests he's meant to look out for. In 2014, for example, Jamie received 1.5 percent of gross revenues from performances and merchandisng tied to Britney's Las Vegas residency, which earned a reported $138 million, the Times writes. He has been "staying down a winding country road on the outskirts of town, in an RV," in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Britney is scheduled to address a Los Angeles court at a hearing regarding her conservatorship on Wednesday. She will likely discuss her relationship with Jamie, who says, per his team, that he is "acting out of love for his daughter." Read more at The New York Times.