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Justin Trudeau tests positive for COVID

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed Monday that he has tested positive for COVID-19, CBC reports.

"This morning, I tested positive for COVID-19. I'm feeling fine -- and I'll continue to work remotely this week while following public health guidelines. Everyone, please get vaccinated and get boosted," Trudeau wrote on Twitter Monday morning.

The Canadian premier's office said he had already been isolating for several days after being exposed to the virus by one of his children, CNN reported.

Trudeau and his family fled their official residence, Rideau Cottage, and moved to an undisclosed location after a "Freedom Convoy" of truckers and other protesters entered Ottawa to protest Trudeau's COVID-19 policies last weekend.

The protests blocked roads around Canada's parliament but remained peaceful despite warnings from law enforcement that "lone wolf" actors planning violent attacks may have concealed themselves in the crowd.

According to CBC, some of the protesters displayed Confederate flags and swastikas, but it is unclear from the photos whether protesters were using the Nazi symbol to compare Trudeau to Hitler or to express their own solidarity with the tenets of National Socialism.