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3 women killed in Rome cafe shooting, including friend of prime minister

Three women were killed in Rome on Sunday when a man opened fire in a cafe, in what Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri called a "grave episode of violence." Four other people were injured in the shooting, which appeared target a meeting of an apartment residents' committee. The shooter was reportedly overpowered by people in the meeting and restrained until police arrived. The 57-year-old man in custody is believed to have been involved in a bitter dispute with the committee, BBC News reports.

The three slain women were identified as Nicoletta Golisano, Elisabetta Silenzi, and Sabina Sperandio. Italy's new prime minister, Georgia Meloni, said Golisano was a friend. "Nicoletta was a protective mother, a sincere and discreet friend, a woman strong and fragile at the same time," she wrote in a Facebook post. "It's not right to die like that." Melonis said the suspect allegedly stole the gun from a shooting range, and that shooting range has been closed during an investigation.