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The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial is already getting the movie treatment

Is it too soon to turn the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial into a movie? Not according to Tubi.

The streaming service has released the first trailer for its original movie Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial, a dramatization of the infamous celebrity defamation trial less than four months after the verdict. 

Mark Hapka stars in the film as Depp, who sued his ex-wife, Heard, for defamation over an op-ed she wrote. Heard is played by Megan Davis in the film. In addition to recreations of the trial, the trailer shows flashbacks to Depp and Heard's relationship, including a moment where Depp becomes jealous of James Franco. Heard testified during the trial that Depp accused her of having an affair with Franco. It wasn't clear whether the film will take one side or the other when presenting these flashbacks, as both actors alleged the other abused them. 

The film also features Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez, played by Melissa Marty, and Heard's lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, played by Mary Carrig. Hot Take is being released directly to the relatively obscure ad-supported streaming service Tubi, making it essentially the equivalent of a TV movie. But it's still a shockingly fast turnaround for the project, given the jury only delivered its verdict in June, finding Heard defamed Depp. Heard is still appealing it. 

Tubi's chief content officer Adam Lewinson previously said the project was fast-tracked "to capture a timely take on a story that became part of the cultural zeitgeist, painting a unique picture of what millions watched play out in the headlines over the summer," per Variety. The film is hitting Tubi this Friday, Sept. 30.