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The world's tallest single-track roller coaster is coming to Southern California

Thrill seekers will be flocking to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, the soon-to-be home of the world's tallest single-track roller coaster.

The title will go to the ride Wonder Woman Flight of Courage, set to open next summer in the park's DC Universe area. The coaster will hit speeds of up to 58 mph, and include a 131-foot climb and 87-degree drop, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Wonder Woman Flight of Courage is being manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction, and the company's president, Darren Torr, told the Times that single-rail roller coasters can make sharper twists and turns. "Everything is going to be more accentuated and allow us to come into the turns a little more aggressively," he added.

Six Flags Magic Mountain has 20 roller coasters — the most in the world. Wonder Woman Flight of Courage is replacing the Green Lantern coaster.