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Trump's mentality post-FBI raid

In the aftermath of the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump is out here doing what he does best: playing golf, playing politics, and playing the part of doting Florida host to friends and guests, Politico reports Thursday.

All things considered, it's a pretty typical summer calendar for the former president (aside, perhaps, from his trip to New York for Attorney General Letitia James' investigation).

Individuals close to him — such as Republican officials and aides — describe post-raid Trump as frustrated but cheerful, Politico reports. The former president is enjoying the fanfare from his supporters and allies, and believes the unprecendented search will ultimately boost him politically; but he has also "looked for help to bolster his legal team" and "found no takers."

Still, it seems there's an attitude among his inner circle that this too shall pass, Politico adds. "I don't think anyone truly believes he's in legal jeopardy," said one individual close to Trump. "They see this as just another headache to deal with and it's an unnecessary issue when they could be focused on other things like preparing for a potential run."

"He was upbeat, not downbeat," added another source. "He wasn't deterred by it, he expressed more disdain for what they did to his family more than what they did to him."

He'll surely use that feeling as fuel for the 2024 fire; but he also knows he'll be blamed for any GOP losses should he announce his presidential intentions pre-midterms. "[H]e made that case [to us] and understands it," the second source added.