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Proud Boys, Ivanka Trump, and free ice cream: Inside the 1st Jan. 6 hearing

The first of six primetime Capitol riot hearings will begin Thursday night, and The New York Times has just shared some new details of the long-awaited event. 

For starters, a "significant portion" of Thursday's hearing will apparently focus on the far-right Proud Boys and their connection to the Capitol attack, the Times reports, per individuals familiar with the matter. 

The event will also reportedly include testimony from documentary filmmaker Nick Quested, who was with the Proud Boys during the storming of the Capitol, and Capitol Police officer Caroline Edwards. To keep things interesting, the panel of Jan. 6 investigators is even said to be considering playing video of the riot and airing clips of testimony from "high-profile witnesses," like former White House adviser Ivanka Trump. 

Meanwhile, activists have scheduled over 90 watch parties in a variety of states, including a "flagship" event in Washington, D.C. featuring a large screen and free ice cream. 

Democrats have already spoken with a number of major networks about covering Thursday's event and carrying it live, the Times writes. Notably, however, Fox News will not provide continuous live coverage of the hearing; instead, hosts will "cover the hearings as news warrants," the company said Monday, per The Hill. The "lower-rated" network Fox Business will carry live coverage of the hearings in its place.