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Jimmy Kimmel laughs about Trump quitting his blog, Dr. Fauci's fan mail

Parents just aren't naming their babies Karen anymore, Jimmy Kimmel noted on Wednesday's Kimmel Live, offering up a theory on why Karen has dropped to No. 831 in U.S. girls' names. "You know what name is also way down on the list? Donald. The name Donald is at its lowest point — name and otherwise — since the year 1900. And no one knows why."

"Donald Trump made an interesting move today: He quit his own blog," Kimmel said. "I know, it's a real punch in the gut for me, too." Trump "was very excited about this blog for the first month, after he was banned on Twitter, and now he's just abandoning it. It's a move he calls the Eric," he joked. According to advisers, "the reason he shut it down is because people in the media have been mocking how few people were visiting his site," Kimmel said. "So from now on he's just gonna write bitchy little notes on the dry-erase board at the Mar-a-Lago omelet station. More people will see them."

"We are learning more about our previous administration's response to the pandemic from, of all places, Dr. Fauci's inbox," Kimmel said. "More than 866 pages of Dr. Fauci's emails were released to the public as the result of a request through the Freedom of Information Act, which must have been a hell of a surprise to him." A lot of the emails were ridiculous requests or suggestions from regular Americans, he added, going through a few. "This poor Dr. Fauci. The only good thing that happened to him was Brad Pitt playing him on Saturday Night Live."