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Rest Before Re-election

Biden family goes on tropical getaway as the president considers his 2024 campaign

President Biden arrived in one of his favorite vacation spots this week, along with first lady Jill Biden and other members of their family, ahead of a potential 2024 campaign announcement. 

The Associated Press reported that the Bidens touched down in St. Croix on Tuesday. The president and first lady were joined on the Caribbean island by their daughter Ashley and her husband, along with their grandchildren Natalie and Hunter. 

Biden seems to have made a trip to St. Croix somewhat of a tradition, having vacationed in the tropical location numerous times when he was vice president. One of three territories that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands, this marks the first visit to St. Croix by a sitting president since Harry Truman in 1948, per CNN

This visit, though, is likely a much more consequential one for Biden than years past, as he prepares for what is believed to be an announcement for his re-election bid in early 2023. Senior administration officials told CNN that while this vacation was once viewed as a "crucial juncture" in the Biden family deciding their future, the decision that he will run for president again is now essentially made. 

Sources further told the outlet that a number of Biden's close family members are now backing his decision to run for a second term. 

This decision seems to be in line with everything that administration officials have been saying. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said earlier this month that Biden will likely announce his re-election campaign after the holidays.