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Mass shooting in Philadelphia kills 3 and wounds at least a dozen

A  mass shooting in Philadelphia on Saturday night left three people dead and at least a dozen injured, ABC News reported.

Police said there "were hundreds of individuals just enjoying South Street, as they do every single weekend, when the shooting broke out" just before midnight. They also said the incident involved "several active shooters." A Philadelphia police officer reportedly fired his weapon at one of the suspects, who fled the scene.

Inspector D.F. Pace told reporters police recovered two guns — one of which was described as a handgun with an extended magazine — from the scene but have not made any arrests.

"It went on for much longer than I thought it should go on. At that point you question 'what is that?' I knew it must've been gunshots. It must've been 30 shots I heard," resident Frank Snyder told a local ABC affiliate.

CNN and the Gun Violence Archive "define a mass shooting as one that injures or kills four or more people."

According to Fox News, "nine separate shooting incidents" took place in Philadelphia the previous night, leaving at least eight people injured and a pregnant woman dead. The baby the woman was carrying reportedly survived.