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Man sentenced to 16 years in prison for plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

A man convicted of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) was sentenced on Tuesday to 16 years in prison. 

Adam Fox, 39, was convicted by a jury this past August of conspiracy. According to prosecutors, Fox and a number of far-right co-conspirators had attempted to kidnap Whitmer from her home in 2020 in an effort to start a national uprising. Court documents obtained by The New York Times showed that Fox had called Whitmer a "tyrant," argued against her statewide COVID-19 restrictions, and pushed for a second American revolution. 

Prosecutors went on to describe Fox as a threat to democracy, and the trial against him became one of the most-watched cases of domestic terrorism in the country. 

Fox was facing up to life in prison for his actions, a sentence that prosecutors had pushed for. However, while U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker agreed that Fox was guilty of "incredibly serious activity," per the Times, he told the court, "I don't think life is needed to achieve the important public deterrent factors," and handed down his 16-year decision. 

Prosecutors, though, disagreed with the judge's sentiment. 

"The problem is this defendant, he's going to go into jail and probably emerge more radicalized than when he went in and will remain a danger to the public," Assistant U.S. Attorney Nils Kessler said, per NBC News.

Despite this, officials maintained they were happy that Fox was going behind bars. 

"Today's sentencing sends a clear message that domestic terrorism will not be tolerated," Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a statement