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this is 40

Watch Nicole Richie light her hair on fire while blowing out birthday candles

Nicole Richie's 40s got off to quite a start.

The former Simple Life star shared a wild video on Instagram from her 40th birthday celebration, in which she leans forward to blow out birthday candles but accidentally sets her hair on fire. Richie and everyone else at the party begins to scream before the video abruptly ends. 

"Well ... so far 40 is [fire emoji]," Richie wrote. 

The comments of her post were immediately filled with a mix of birthday wishes, concern, and jokes. Katy Perry wrote, "WAIT NO WAY WAIT OMG," while Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski said, "I feel awful for laughing I'm sry also happy birthday!!!" He maybe shouldn't feel too bad, though, considering Richie's husband, Joel Madden, quipped in the comments, "That's hot." Maybe next year she'll try to avoid a repeat of the incident by pulling a Mitt Romney