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Man breaks record by watching Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters almost 300 times

No way...

A Florida man has set a new Guinness World Record by watching Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters a jaw-dropping 292 times. 

Ramiro Alanis set the record for "most cinema productions attended of the same film," which he previously achieved in 2019 by watching Avengers: Endgame 191 times. But Arnaud Klein then broke his record with 204 viewings of Kaamelott: First Instalment in 2021, so Alanis turned to Peter Parker for help reclaiming his title. 

Alanis watched No Way Home repeatedly from December through March. The film is 148 minutes, so this adds up to about 720 hours of movie watching. Early on in the attempt, Alanis was spending 12 hours of his day watching No Way Home back-to-back five times, according to Guinness World Records.

For the viewings to count toward the record, he wasn't allowed to so much as go to the bathroom during the film, let alone look at his phone or go to sleep. He also always had to stay through the credits, and a theater employee had to confirm he was watching the movie the entire time. 

Alanis submitted all of his ticket stubs as evidence — and in total, he says he spent around $3,400 on the effort. He told Guinness World Records he went for it in honor of his grandmother, who died in 2019. "She was my #1 supporter and I want to remain the record holder," he said, noting he was "disappointed" when he found out it was broken last year. 

But now, Alanis once again holds the record with almost 90 viewings to spare — and he warned that "if anyone tries to break my record again, I want them to think twice before attempting it." Should that happen and Alanis has to again reclaim the title, for his sanity, might we suggest a tight 90-minute film next time?