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Gamblers quadruple their money after Rams player proposes to girlfriend at Super Bowl

Taylor Rapp, who plays safety for the Los Angeles Rams, proposed to his girlfriend, Dani Johnson, after his team won Super Bowl LVI on Sunday, The New York Post reported.

This was good news for Rapp, who gained a Super Bowl ring and a new fiancée on the same day. It was also good news for people who quadrupled their money after betting that a post-game proposal would take place.

Americans were forecasted to wager $7.6 billion on Super Bowl LVI, but not all of that money was bet on the big game's outcome. Proposition bets — in which the wagerer "proposes" that a particular event will occur — usually make up more than half of the total amount wagered, Sports Illustrated reported last year.

These bets range from the mundane, like which team will score first, to the highly obscure. Exactly how long will the national anthem last? What color Gatorade will the winning team's coach be doused with? Will Snoop Dogg spark a joint on stage?

One such proposition wager was whether a player would propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game. According to two sources, the odds for this wager were +400 for "Yes" and -650 for "No." This means a $100 bet on a proposal occurring would net the gambler $400.

Anyone betting against a proposal would have to wager $650 to make a $100 profit.