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Sports world reacts following Damar Hamlin injury: 'The worst thing I have ever seen on a football field'

Stunned reactions continue to pour in from figures throughout American sports following the sudden collapse of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. 

Hamlin, 24, remains in critical condition after suffering a cardiac arrest following a seemingly routine hit during the Bills game Monday night against the Cincinnati Bengals. While Bills officials said they were able to restart his heart on the field, he remains in critical condition. 

Following the incident, sportscasters, writers, and athletes from across the sports world reacted to the shocking development. 

"So many times in this game ... we use the cliché, 'I'm ready to die for this, I'm willing to give my life for this,'" analyst and former NFL player Ryan Clark said on SportsCenter. "Sometimes ... we forget that part of living this dream is putting your life at risk. Tonight, we got to see a side of football that is extremely ugly. A side of football that no one ever wants to see or ever wants to admit exists."

Kevin Clark, an NFL staff writer for The Ringercalled the incident "the worst thing I have ever seen on a football field," describing it as the "most upsetting event ever broadcast during a football game." 

"It is almost impossible to grind the gears of football to a halt. It has now. That should tell you something," Clark added. 

Numerous professional athletes also weighed in on the shocking injury. 

Bills quarterback and Hamlin's teammate Josh Allen tweeted, "Please pray for our brother."

Tee Higgins, the Bengals player who collided with Hamlin, also tweeted his support. 

NBA superstar LeBron James told reporters, "It was a terrible thing to see ... I wish nothing but the best for that kid," adding, "You never want to see anything like that happen."