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the proof is in the pullback

More Russian military trains have arrived near border since withdrawal claims, says independent satellite analysis

Despite Moscow's claims, the West and Russia are still at odds over the latter's purported partial troop withdrawal from the border of Ukraine, The Washington Post reports. 

U.S. and NATO officials have repeatedly pushed back on the Kremlin's reports, maintaining that the continued presence and massing of Russian troops contradicts whatever declarations Moscow wants to make.

What's more, Rochan Consulting — an independent Polish analytical group that "tracks military movements using satellite images," writes the Post — recently shared some information to futher underscore the West's point.

The consulting group reported Wednesday that more military trains have made their way toward the country's border with Ukraine since Moscow's partial withdrawal announcement was made. The group said "elements of Russia's 2nd Combined Arms Army and equipment from other units continued to move toward the border," writes the Post

"There is no indication that troops are being withdrawn. In fact, it is the opposite," the report read.

Earlier Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that while he cannot say whether the threat of invasion is greater today than it was yesterday, the possibility is "there" and "it's real." 

"Unfortunately there's a difference between what Russia says and what it does, and what we're seeing is no meaningful pullback," Blinken said.