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Ukraine invasion

Zelensky calls for world leaders to help Ukraine or 'tomorrow war will knock on your doors'

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has delivered new remarks calling for help from world leaders amid Russia's ongoing invasion.

Zelensky spoke Thursday after Russia launched an attack against Ukraine, and he asked for support from allies. 

"If you my dear European leaders, my dear world leaders, leaders of the free world, don't help us today, if you do not strongly help Ukraine, then tomorrow war will knock on your doors," he said, the Financial Times reports

Zelensky had previously delivered an address in Russian on Wednesday night, telling the Russian people that Ukraine doesn't pose a threat to the country despite what Russian President Vladimir Putin claims. "Our main goal is to maintain peace in Ukraine and keep Ukrainian citizens safe," he said. Zelensky also warned that Russia moving troops into Ukraine could "become the start of a big war on the European continent."

In his address on Thursday, Zelensky warned that the situation around the city of Kharkiv is "very difficult," and "forces are engaging in fiery battles." He added that Ukraine "proposes to return to the path of peace." 

World leaders have condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday he would unveil a "massive package" of sanctions to "hobble the Russian economy." Johnson subsequently announced the "largest set of economic sanctions that Russia has ever seen," including the exclusion of Russian banks from the U.K. financial system.

President Biden, who has said "the world will hold Russia accountable," is expected to address the invasion in remarks from the White House on Thursday afternoon.