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'scene of devastation'

CNN reporter in Ukraine realizes he is 'crouching down right by a grenade' on air: 'Let's move away from that'

A CNN reporter while live on the air covering the Ukraine crisis calmly revealed to viewers he had been crouching down right next to a grenade. 

On Monday, CNN anchor John Berman spoke live with senior international correspondant Matthew Chance, who was reporting in the field from Ukrainian capital Kyiv after a battle. Chance was crouched on the ground speaking with Berman about Russia's ongoing invasion of the country, only to come to an alarming realization. 

"I was crouching down right by a grenade there and I didn't see that," he said after standing up. "So let's move away from that." 

An unshaken Chance continued reporting, breaking down the state of Ukraine's defense against Russia. He also took viewers through the aftermath of a "ferocious battle" on Monday, noting it was a "real scene of devastation" and that there were "unexploded grenades" everywhere. 

"I toured this area earlier, and there are some terrible things that we can't really show you on camera in terms of dead bodies, Russians, still lying here on the ground," he said. 

Chance is one of a number of CNN journalists who has been reporting live from the scene throughout the Ukraine invasion. Last week, Chance was speaking during a live shot when he was interrupted by "big explosions" in Kyiv, and he was seen putting his jacket and helmet on while on the air. During another stunning live shot last week, Chance reported from outside an airport near Kyiv while realizing Russian forces had taken it over.

CNN has earned widespread praise for its live coverage of the Ukraine crisis. "CNN once again turned into necessary viewing over the past 36 hours as Russia invaded Ukraine," Tom Jones wrote for Poynter last week, while conservative commentator Erick Erickson praised the coverage as "impressive."